Hello, it's been awhile....



A few weeks ago I met someone I had never met (don't you love that ?) We ended up talking for hours. Sitting in the chair across from me someone was sharing their past stories...it was apparent early on that there was still deep emotion not yet healed. I was present. I listened. I had eye contact. After a couple hours listing to this life journey, I realized something...I have been doing the same thing... telling and re-telling my story from long ago... It's my story, right? It is what brought me to art. This happened so then this happened  and then this. Why did I feel like I had to start way back...all the way back every time? I have re-told my journey so many times and it makes the wounds and questions open up once again...I tell it again, and again...it keeps the past well, present...it holds me back...it has been keeping me a little blurred. Yes, my story is all of me...all of it. I know this. But there is so much more...so so much more. All this has brought me to this place where I am at this moment. All of my life comes to the canvas when it is time, not sooner and not later...and it becomes a piece that is all of me coming out at that very moment. 


We are unique and we all have a story...there is room for all of us.


Listening that day, I realized I do not have to go way back anymore...yes, it is part of the weave of my canvas but I can start where I am now. With tears in my eyes I felt a tremendous lift for the first time. I had to realize this on my own, when it was time. I am thankful that the person in the chair came into my world that day...I found my sunshine again....I AM ME



Thank you for reading

xoxo, Heidi