In 2010 my world changed forever.  There were many dark days.  As I picked up the pieces of my life, I helped my three daughters do the same.  It is a choice you keep going.

I bought an old historic home in Camas, WA and restored it back to its original beauty.  I shared it with my little town and made lifelong memories surrounded by those four walls.  It was a true honor to heal there.  Three years later the grand home was restored, and so were was time to move on.

I went on a life changing, seriously life changing, three week trip to Italy in 2012.  And this is where my art dot, one line at at time.

I returned home, continued to sketch and I started to paint.  There were art classes and making of new healing continued.

March 2016 my Mother passed away...more dark days.  Before her death, I asked her "how am I going to live without you ?"  through tear filled eyes, she replied, "be kind and always tell the truth." 

I began to paint and paint and paint...this time with my fingers.  I was emotional and raw and I found comfort in the way the paint felt as I smooshed it around on the canvas.  I asked my Dad if he would make me a wooden canvas.  He made many.  I kept painting.  He began healing too.  We meet every Monday and Thursday morning for breakfast at the same little restaurant.  We heal together.

It takes a village to walk through this world...I have mine.

Out of the Darkness Comes the Light

xo, heidi





Photo credit by Chase Sayre & CQ Photography